Elements represent the 'colours' or 'affiliations' in the Final Fantasy TCG. There are currently 8 elements:

When paying a cost, at least one of the crystals used to pay for the cost must match the element of the card being played.

Light Crystal Light and Dark Crystal Dark are special elements as they cannot be used to pay for costs of cards via discarding from your hand. You can also only have one Light Crystal Light and one Dark Crystal Dark card on the field at once - so having one Light Crystal Light and one Dark Crystal Dark is allowed, but not two Light Crystal Light. Some cards override this ruling.

Gameplay of the Final Fantasy TCG
Gameplay RulesKeywordsAbilities
Affiliations Fire Crystal FireIce Crystal IceWind Crystal WindEarth Crystal EarthLightning Crystal LightningWater Crystal WaterLight Crystal LightDark Crystal Dark
Card Types ForwardBackupSummon

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