Terra with cats

So Opus II is out and the Wiki is being slowly updated with all the new cards and details - thank you to everyone who is helping with this. The problem is creating card pages is time consuming, so getting the full set up can take a considerable amount of time.

To speed up this process, I have started creating card pages containing simply the image of the card and it's name/number. This way anyone browsing the wiki will still be able to find the card page and get the details from the image. The rest of the template can be filled in at a later date with no major inconvenience.

I am starting from the bottom of the list; so far Water Crystal Water has been created with Lightning Crystal Lightning next. If anyone wants to help out, please feel free to fill in the template with the details from the image. I strongly recommend using the Wikia text editor - you can select this from the drop down Edit list or by changing your Wikia settings.

As usual, feel free to message me with any issues or suggestions.

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